I’m a 21 year old singer/songwriter from Scranton Pennsylvania and currently attending Boston College. As a teenager, I played guitar in several bands in the Scranton Area, but  When I left my hometown to attend college, I decided that It was time to play my own songs. With the help of  some talented local musicians, Tanner Snyder of "Blind Choice" on drums, Rich Robinson and Alyssa Corey of "Sketchy Business" on drums and backup vocals, and Mark Yanish of "Graces Downfall" and "Doubting Thomas" on a couple guitar solos, I recorded my first solo album “Planning My Escape” at "Saturation Acres" in Dupont, Pa. It's available on iTunes, Spotify and more. I'm currently working on my second album.


Feel free to contact me on Facebook, Instagram, or by email - dylanseamusmusic@gmail.com. Social media links are on the contact page.

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